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Our passion project dedicated to working with farmers of the sibling states of North East India
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Mudita was so kind to consider my last minute request to send this to my restaurant on time & help me to keep my soft launch date on schedule as it was very clear that if I do not have this with me in stock I won't open the restaurant for business. Exceptional guest service standards, right product, decent pricing are key for any business growth & I am very happy to be associated with FOR8 SUPERFOODS as it follows all the basic principals for business to the 'T'. I wish all the very best to the whole team @ FOR8 SUPERFOODS.

Ritesh Tulsian, Executive Chef

My experience with FOR8 Black rice and black rice flour - A very flavourful ingredient to work with, give cookies a nutty texture and the black rice pudding is my personal favourite. With so many health benefits (please visit their page for a complete list of health benefits of black rice which is sourced from Manipur in purest quality), it has become one of the main ingredients in many of my regular products. So many more guilt-free treats coming up with this superfood, stay tuned!

Sumedha Mittal,
Weekend Bakes by Sumedha

I'm the last person to cook but when I received the package of ‘forbidden rice’. I was intrigued, and so was my mom. So we bonded over a little cooking, veggies and meat. For8superfoods are the loveliest, and they're doing a wonderful job combining the efforts of the farmers with the entrepreneurs. They helped me eat healthy for quite a while, and what's more? They made healthy tasty and interesting. It's black rice, guys, it's a must try!

Ishani Chakrabarti

Rice has been around for centuries & been an integral part of Indian Culture & also lot of other south east Asian nations. This humble grain not only has amazing culinary preparations and uses but also finds an important place in Hindu Religion for spiritual purposes. India is such a blessed nation & our Seven Sisters from the North East has given some amazing produce to the Culinary World & from that collection we are currently procuring Black Rice/Forbidden Rice from FOR8 SUPERFOODS for my restaurant YAZU_ PAN ASIAN SUPPER CLUB, MUMBAI. This amazing product has in no time become a hot selling dish on my menu & being loved by every single patron it is being introduced to. We are looking to develop more dishes with this one particularly as not only it looks very appetizing after cooking (as it turns purple) but has this extraordinary sticky texture, flavor & mouthfeel to it. Also being an unpolished rice this works wonders to suggest to the ever increasing health & fitness enthusiasts.

Ritesh Tulsian, Executive Chef

I have used black rice for baking cookies and cake. It is super yummy and very healthy too. It has low Glycemic index, so can be conveniently used by diabetic patients. It has the maximum antioxidants any food can have, thats the reason why it is rightly termed as a superfood. It also has fibre in it, so helps in reducing weight. I try to include it every day in my life as a part of my diet. As it is one of natures unexplored treasures.

Chetna Chauhan

I was first introduced to Manipuri black rice a decade ago when I was at college. I had absolutely loved the taste of the warm kheer/pudding made back then. Unfortunately, it is not an easy product to come across in Delhi. I am exceedingly grateful to For8 for re-introducing it into our markets - the quality of their rice is impeccable. I now include it in my daily diet as either hot/cold rice puddings, or tossed in a salad with fresh veggies. The rice has a wonderful aroma, and compliments a lot of the food I cook and prefer to eat.

Nargis Vasundhara

When I was approached for baking cake with black rice flour, it really did seem like a challenge to do so. But, after using it my perception completely changed. It was easy to work with, there was no difference in the end product. The taste of the cake was brilliant and what more can one ask for if you get to eat healthy without compromising on the taste of the dish. Looking forward to doing more experimentations to be able to come up with some exceptionally delicious bakes and dishes.

Ayushi, Founder
The Chocolate Avenue

Over the last year, I have been using black rice flour for baking cakes and cookies. Ever since I first experimented with it, I have made it into a mandatory replacement of our commonly used white flour. The cakes are extremely soft and moist, and most importantly for me, gluten-free. I would highly recommend this product. I have also been using it to make batters for pancakes and uttapams - both of which have been a delicious hit!

Nargis Vasundhara

Super quality black rice packaged with utmost care. I am happy with this top quality black rice which has a longer shelf life because of its packaging. It also makes a great gifting option. I will keep getting my black rice from here. Highly recommended!!

Kshetrimayum Zou

It was a great experience working with For8. Got the chance to innovate and create new recipes .The black rice has got a nutty flavour which blends really well with the dark chocolate, making it a great combination of health and taste. It was my pleasure to be a part of such healthy superfood brand.

Naveena Chopra