FOR8 Black rice

is gluten free, gut-friendly, a natural cleanser and rich in powerful natural black color pigments - anthocyanin antioxidants. A much needed detox to our urban lives.

Breaking the myth:

extremely easy to cook but due to lack of awareness, Black Rice is usually assigned into the ‘harder cooking category’. We have simplified the process and hope to bring this recipe to as many foodies possible.

black-rice-dish Rinse - Cook – Munch

30 minutes to good health and cooking

Invest your time in your health –

The extra 15 minutes spent in cooking this Black Rice will heal your body. At FOR8 we grow the most organic black rice with highest antioxidants, and to ensure they all reach you in the best form – we keep our rice unpolished. Polishing would remove the black natural pigment of this rice and all the health benefits too, making the cooking time definitely shorter but not so healthy anymore!


Taste & Texture –

Once cooked black rice has a sticky texture, nutty and earthy in flavor with a distinct beautiful aroma. And yes, it stays black/ deep purple even once cooked :) when infused with milk/ water it also gives the dish a natural gorgeous lavender color – that’s all the anthocyanin pigments. So much goodness!

Foodie Alert –

black-rice-holiday-dish At FOR8 we are constantly working with chef’s worldwide to explore wider applications of this superfood. Some of the most popular dishes include the Honeymoon Dessert (black rice with coconut milk and fresh mangoes) – a pure summer delight, it’s a must have for all mango lovers. The unique texture of this rice goes very well with anything that has a nice bite to it and is chewy. So once cooked, top up your bowl of black rice with your favorite greens, herbs, spices, some olive oil and lemon juice for that perfect Sunday Brunch Salad Bowl. Our personal favourite – Black Rice Morning Cereal Bowl with Berries. Though the name is long, this healthy breakfast dish comes together in minutes. In this breakfast bowl recipe, we used almond milk and fresh berries, but any milk and fruit would work. Also, I had some granola on hand so I sprinkled some on top, but you can easily substitute it with any of your favorite nuts. Needless to say, this makes an incredibly healthy and filling breakfast recipe that you can serve to all your family. The not so vegan dishes – Black Rice absorbs the flavors of a poached egg with great perfection. Just add salt, pepper to your poached egg and meal it with black rice. Alternatively, chicken bowl works very well with black rice too. Going traditional – For those with a sweet tooth, in times of celebrations Black Rice is a table stopper! As prepared in its place of origin - Manipur, it is absolutely delicious in the exotic Black Rice Kheer/ Pudding. Slow cooking would make your pudding richer, so hang on if you have the patience. Otherwise post pressure cooking using our 3 step process – cook for few minutes with milk/coconut milk, nuts, and jaggery. Serve warm/chilled depending on weather and mood ! For more on recipes visit

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