CHAKHAO Black Rice Citrus Liquid Castile Soap

100% Natural & Preservative Free | Made with Pure Essential Oils – Orange, Neroli, Lemon & Lime

Our Castile soap is handmade in small batches with a recipe inspired by soap makers from historical region of Castile in Spain. Made using coconut, olive and castor oil for rich creamy lather that cleans effectively, balances natural body oils and moisturizes skin.


*Special prices for bulk orders.

“Just a spoonful of *black rice* bran contains more health promoting anthocyanin *antioxidants* than are found in a spoonful of *blueberries*, but with less sugar and more fiber and vitamin E *antioxidants*,”
- Zhimin Xu, Associate Professor at the Department of Food Science at Louisiana State University Agricultural Center.

Features & Benefits:

  • Based on science of Aromatherapy our Woody blend contains Cedarwood oil that helps boost healing, vitality and longevity + Patchouli oil that is grounding yet enlightening and Sandalwood oil that supports personal growth and manifesting peace.
  • 100% Natural Liquid Castile soap is handmade using a process called saponification in which natural oils like Coconut, Olive etc are converted to liquid soap and natural glycerin.
  • Made with Coconut, Olive and Jojoba oil that gives a good lather, creamy bathing experience, high skin conditioning benefits and soft after-feel post bath.
  • Infused with Black Rice extract rich in Antioxidants, Vitamin E that protects skin against free radicals and has anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Free from detergents, artificial fragrances, dyes and petroleum derived ingredients. This all-purpose castile soap can be used as body, hand and face wash.

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