CHAKHAO Black Rice
Hair Repair Conditioner

Made with Pure Essential Oils – Lavender & Clarysage| Vegan | Free from Preservatives, Silicones & Parabens

Made with Coconut, Avocado, Shea Butter that helps nourish and condition hair, infused with Bhringraj oil which improves blood circulation, helps revitalize hair follicles and facilitates hair growth + Gotu Kola oil and Ashwagandha oil to promote healthy, lustrous hair and also known to stimulate melanin – pigment responsible for colour of our hair. Handmade in small batches.


*Special prices for bulk orders.

“Just a spoonful of *black rice* bran contains more health promoting anthocyanin *antioxidants* than are found in a spoonful of *blueberries*, but with less sugar and more fiber and vitamin E *antioxidants*,”
- Zhimin Xu, Associate Professor at the Department of Food Science at Louisiana State University Agricultural Center.

Features & Benefits:

  • Based on science of Aromatherapy, infused with 100% Pure Eucalyptus and Peppermint Essential Oils that are known to be effective against treating dandruff.
  • Ashwagandha oil has anti-inflammatory properties effective against dandruff.
  • Contains Pea Protein, a vegan alternative to keratin protein that helps condition and strengthen hair naturally. Infused with Black Rice extract – rich in Anthocyanins and Proanthocyanidins that may help promote hair growth.
  • Can also be used as Leave - in Hair Conditioner. Apply to damp hair after shampoo.
  • Also contains Shikakai and Amla extract that helps nourish hair follicles, adds shine and helps promote hair growth. Free from harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, dyes and petroleum derived ingredients.

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